Discovering beer, rude servers, and zucchini soup

Zucchini soup:
I made the soup! It turned out quite well. Here’s what to do:

You’ll need: zucchini (5 – 10), big tub of plain yogurt, fresh dill, veg/chicken stock (optional), running water

  • Cut a bunch of zucchini into 3 – 4 inch chunks (I started with 5 zukes but I could have used a lot more)
  • In a pot, add enough water/veg stock (I did 50/50) to almost cover the zukes
  • Boil until soft
  • Transfer the zukes into a food processor, leaving the liquid behind
  • Process, adding a couple of dill sprigs, salt, pepper
  • Transfer back into the pot with the liquid, and add yogurt until the consistency is good (at approximately pastel green)
  • Reheat until –almost- boiling, re-season, eat

I tried “Green’s beer.” It was terrible. Nothing else to report … it was that bad.

Jelly Belly’s:
I am very happy to report that Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are gluten free:
“All flavors of Jelly Belly beans are free of gluten. We do not use any wheat, rye, barley, or oats in the basic recipe for Jelly Belly jelly beans. The modified food starch listed on the package is cornstarch.”

This is great news for me because, out of the 3 wedding-related things I’ve given any thought to, I think that using jelly beans as wedding favors a cute idea. It would, at the very least, be better than wedding koozies.

And the continued adventures of eating out:
Lots of friends and family have been in town, and what better way to celebrate than to go out to eat? A large part of enjoying a city and exploring its attractions is to taste it’s flavors!

The first stop was Thai One On: My favorite Thai restaurant in town! I called in advance to warn them about me and to nag them endlessly. I was quite nervous about the call, but I lived to tell the tale. The lady on the phone informed me what was and wasn’t ok there (fish sauce: OK, soy sauce: NOT OK, oyster sauce: NOT OK) and then suggested I bring my own soy sauce! (Tamari) I learned that rice noodles aren’t safe across the board! Some rice noodles have wheat. Ask them to look at the package. Two thumbs up for Thai One On.

Next was Taste of India with a few friends. They were helpful and cooperative. Mohammed, the manager and(?) owner, assured me that all of their curries are GF. He told me to stay away from the naan (yes, sadly I know). He said that they do not add flour to thicken any of the curries. The food was, as usual, great. They love to give free desserts and appetizers at Taste of India. I couldn’t have the app, but they brought us a special GF dessert! (Rice pudding) As far as I know I wasn’t gluten-ed. Two thumbs up for Taste of India.

The long un-awaited birthday that ends in a “0” arrives tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how GF-ing effects things. I’ll report back next time.

Path results:
I expect to get more information about pathology tomorrow. (Happy birthday! Here’s your pathology report!) Who knows, maybe I can go back to baguette and cookies tomorrow. Or maybe I can worry less about cross contamination? I’ll report back with overly-personal information asap.

And now for the 1st ever edition of Rude Server Excerpts:
Thumbs down for rude servers
Me: “This popcorn is so great, but I wonder what these spices are on it? I fear they may contain the evil wheat. I have a gluten allergy, can you tell me what’s on the popcorn?”
Server with funny hat: “That’s just brrbbbbrrsbb from Africa.”
Me: “Gotcha, what in brrbbbbrrsbb? Just wanna make sure …”
Server with funny hat: “There’s nothing on that. I hate to break it to you but you must be allergic to something else in that!”
Me: “What?”
Server with funny hat: “I hate. to break it to you. but you must be allergic to. something else in there.”
Me: “I haven’t eaten any of it.”
Server with funny hat: “Oh.”

Me: “You guys have a ridiculous number of beers here. You have 64 on draft, and over 300 bottles! You must have a few GF beers that I can try out for fun. Hmm …. I wonder what kind you carry. Do you have any GF beers here?”
Hipster server: “Yeah. We have one. It’s disgusting.”
Me: “Yeah, I believe you. I was just curious which one you carry?”
Hipster server: “It’s Green’s. [insert smuggery]: Sorry, I guess that I just happen to like gluten in my beer.”
Me: … blank stare … ???

Until next time. Drink the wine and eat some zuke soup.


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  2. I am *so* relieved that there will be no Koozies at the wedding! The thought of them has been keeping me awake at night.

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