An attempt to compile restaurant data

It always takes time to figure out a safe place to eat out. Especially when you’re already out and can’t spend an hour researching online. So wouldn’t it be great to have one easy place to look? Perhaps it is not feasible, but I dream of compiling as much gluten free restaurant information here, in one place. I’ll start with Seattle.

Aside from having gluten free options, to be considered “safe,” the restaurant has to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, cooperative, and are successful in avoiding cross-contamination and in serving food that contains no gluten (even in those sneaky sub-ingredients like the soup stock, the soy sauce, the pre-shredded cheese etc …). 

I’ve started a list that includes places I’ve tried, places that have gotten a GF hat-tip that I hope to try, and eventually a list of “no-no” places.

The success of my dream list is dependent on the help of others so I am relying on my friends, family, other blogs and boards, and all of you to share your tips! I will update the list as new information is unearthed.

The list is linked at the top: “Seattle Restaurant List” 


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