Uneeda Burger

I went to Uneedaburger over a year ago because I’d heard they had gluten free buns! At the time, I was still a vegetarian.

(If you thought that trying to eat out gluten free was hard, try eating out gluten free and vegetarian. The intersection of the two diets leaves one with, at times, no options. I eventually decided that it would be worth it to allow poultry back onto my plate.)

I digress. I was still a vegetarian and had really only been gluten free for a few weeks -if that. I ordered a veggie burger on a gluten free bun. I asked the girl at the counter what was in their veggie burger and whether or not it had wheat or gluten in it. She assured me with great confidence that it was, indeed, gluten free. She was absolutely, 100% wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Their burger is made of emmer.  Emmer is otherwise known as farro which is otherwise known as WHEAT! While I should have known,  someone who works at such an establishment should either know the ingredients or they should ask a supervisor, a co-worker, or they should have phoned a friend. Certainly someone that was working that day and flipping the burgers would have known this.

I was pretty unhappy about this, but a year later I decided to give them another chance now that I’d had plenty of time to do plenty of gluten homework. Now when I ask questions, I know how to understand and interpret the answers. When I went to Uneeda Burger again, I ordered the chicken breast on a GF bun. I went through the thoroughly uncomfortable task of talking them into using clean surfaces, gloves, knives, etc … for me. After some trouble (they really need to train their staff better), they kindly complied and delivered an extraordinarily messy-in-a-good-way nom. And now I give them a thumbs up. It might even be much better than Blue Moon Burgers. The forks are, without a doubt, much better. I shall return.

A messy messy Uneeda Burger

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