Trophy Cupcakes

We finally had the opportunity to try out Trophy’s new gluten free cupcakes today! My expectations were high, having known the glory of their non-GF cupcakes, but I am pleased to say that they did not disappoint. The options today were red velvet, chocolate-vanilla, and chocolate-espresso. We tried the chocolate-vanilla which was great. (Almost as fabulous as the gf cupcakes from Delish in Austin, TX.) The cake was over the top moist and chocolately; and the frosting was smooth, sweet and, well, perfect. If only they were healthy ….

Although Trophy does not have designated gluten free equipment and space, they make every effort to avoid cross contamination. The gluten free cupcakes are the first to be made and baked each day and it sounds like they will be expanding their gluten free operation and becoming even more gluten-free-friendly.

Thanks Trophy!


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