About Me

Hello and welcome to Gluten Free Noms!

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My story:

I am a long time Seattleite and short time Austinite who, upon  being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, became ultra-gluten-free in 2011. Prior to that time, eating out was a great way to enjoy the city and was endlessly useful. Restaurants were the solvers of all problems, and the celebratory locales of all festivities: Having a bad day? Let’s go vent at our neighborhood eatery. Feeling lazy and don’t want to brave the rain? Order take-out. Something to celebrate? Let’s go somewhere nice! Have visitors from out-of-town? Let’s show off the great food our city has to offer!

But being GF has made all of this far more stressful and, at times, difficult to enjoy. Finding gluten free friendly restaurants (and people) can be daunting, so I am collecting and compiling information from my own experiences and from other tips and lists that I find! Whenever a friend wants to go out to dinner (e.g. in Seattle), I can direct them to my “Seattle” page. I hope that this resource will make your life easier too!

And, of course, since this is a “blog,” a few adventures, recipes, rants, and ramblings might appear from time to time.


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