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Bol Pho Bistro in N. Seattle

Someone recently recommended the Vietnamese restaurant “Bol” after seeing their many “gluten free” advertisements in their restaurant.

I love the space. It is tiny, casual, and intimate. The service is friendly and the alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are creative! Almost everything there is gluten free and the food I have tried (mostly “Bun”) has been delicious.

My only complaint about Bol is the “almost gluten free” aspect. Because there is wheat-flour-based hoisin sauce on every table, and they have normal baguette for their Bahn Mi sandwiches, it makes me hesitant and concerned about how they write “Gluten Free” on their menus and on their walls.

In my humble opinion, for that kind of advertising and labeling, ditch all of the gluten! They are so so so close to being a completely gluten free establishment that it is saddening to me that they don’t just go for it! So far, I’ve had good luck at Bol, so I’ll keep going, but I would be ecstatic to see them get rid of all of that hoisin sauce!

Thank you Bol!

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