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Tilth & Agrodolce

Maria Hines’ Seattle restaurants include Tilth, Agrodolce, and Golden Beetle. I have been lucky enough to try Tilth and Agrodolce. And hopefully the Golden Beetle is in my near future. Based on my experience with her other restaurants, I have high expectations both for the food and for the gluten free competency at Golden Beetle.


I have a weakness for old houses that have been converted into restaurants and bars. This factor, combined with all of its rave reviews and awards, made me excited to try Tilth in Wallingford! It has taken me several years to have enough in my wallet to get there, but I am happy to say that I have now managed to go to Tilth for brunch and for dinner.

I was somewhat underwhelmed with the gluten free brunch options. I resorted to the scrambled eggs each time, and they were good, but not excellent –or at least not excellent enough to justify the price. The most exciting part of the brunch was the homemade gluten free raisin bread which was outstanding.

The service at brunch has been friendly but not always knowledgeable. One brunch server told me the granola was a gluten free option. When I asked about the oats, she said that they were not ‘specifically gluten free’ but assured me that they were still safe … ahem. Not true. Normal oats: not safe for consumption.

Dinner at Tilth, however, was a completely different experience. It was excellent. I was impressed with the food, presentation, ambience, service, and most importantly, the plethora of gluten free options.

The server was very helpful with the menu and the kitchen was good about avoiding cross contamination.

And sitting outside didn’t hurt either! It’s such a fun and rare treat here in Seattle!

I recommend Tilth and hope I can go back for dinner again soon! We tried a chilled soup, halibut, pea risotto, and asparagus with smoked salmon.


Tilth Halibut:



Tilth Risotto:



Tilth Asparagus: 



A friend recently brought our attention to Agrodolce in Fremont when they stumbled upon their gluten free menu(!). We were pleased to discover that Agrodolce is another Maria Hines restaurant. And, once again, she did not let us down. The food and the service were both just as good as Tilth.

If I was forced to decide, I would give the slightest edge to Tilth’s food for the cleaner, fresher flavors, but it’s a stylistic preference and it’s basically a toss up. I’d be thrilled if you bought me dinner at either one! And even though Agrodolce is not in a converted old house, they still did an impressive job with the space. Sitting inside still felt like the outdoors.

They had awesome gluten free pasta imported from Italy. I can’t help but wonder, though, why they don’t make their own? I’m sure the chefs would do an amazing job. We also tried a fig and arugula salad (really good), seared broccoli (really good), and st. jude’s albacore tuna (really great).

Agrodolce St. Jude’s Albacore Tuna:


Agrodolce Broccoli:


Tilth on Urbanspoon

Agrodolce on Urbanspoon


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Trophy Cupcakes

We finally had the opportunity to try out Trophy’s new gluten free cupcakes today! My expectations were high, having known the glory of their non-GF cupcakes, but I am pleased to say that they did not disappoint. The options today were red velvet, chocolate-vanilla, and chocolate-espresso. We tried the chocolate-vanilla which was great. (Almost as fabulous as the gf cupcakes from Delish in Austin, TX.) The cake was over the top moist and chocolately; and the frosting was smooth, sweet and, well, perfect. If only they were healthy ….

Although Trophy does not have designated gluten free equipment and space, they make every effort to avoid cross contamination. The gluten free cupcakes are the first to be made and baked each day and it sounds like they will be expanding their gluten free operation and becoming even more gluten-free-friendly.

Thanks Trophy!


Trophy Cupcakes and Party on Urbanspoon


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Uneeda Burger

I went to Uneedaburger over a year ago because I’d heard they had gluten free buns! At the time, I was still a vegetarian.

(If you thought that trying to eat out gluten free was hard, try eating out gluten free and vegetarian. The intersection of the two diets leaves one with, at times, no options. I eventually decided that it would be worth it to allow poultry back onto my plate.)

I digress. I was still a vegetarian and had really only been gluten free for a few weeks -if that. I ordered a veggie burger on a gluten free bun. I asked the girl at the counter what was in their veggie burger and whether or not it had wheat or gluten in it. She assured me with great confidence that it was, indeed, gluten free. She was absolutely, 100% wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Their burger is made of emmer.  Emmer is otherwise known as farro which is otherwise known as WHEAT! While I should have known,  someone who works at such an establishment should either know the ingredients or they should ask a supervisor, a co-worker, or they should have phoned a friend. Certainly someone that was working that day and flipping the burgers would have known this.

I was pretty unhappy about this, but a year later I decided to give them another chance now that I’d had plenty of time to do plenty of gluten homework. Now when I ask questions, I know how to understand and interpret the answers. When I went to Uneeda Burger again, I ordered the chicken breast on a GF bun. I went through the thoroughly uncomfortable task of talking them into using clean surfaces, gloves, knives, etc … for me. After some trouble (they really need to train their staff better), they kindly complied and delivered an extraordinarily messy-in-a-good-way nom. And now I give them a thumbs up. It might even be much better than Blue Moon Burgers. The forks are, without a doubt, much better. I shall return.

A messy messy Uneeda Burger

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